Sustainability – Eco-Friendly Staircase Innovation

EeCorda™ introduces a sustainable approach in staircase design, using silent, low-carbon aluminium treads and sustainably sourced rubberwood. This innovation underlines EeStairs’ commitment to environmental sustainability without sacrificing style or creativity.

Quality and Environmental Integrity

EeCorda™ adheres to strict quality and environmental standards, reflecting EeStairs’ dedication to excellence and sustainability. Its production in eco-friendly facilities ensures that EeCorda™ staircases are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

EeCorda™: The Silent, Sustainable Choice

EeCorda™ staircases are not only a testament to modern design but also to our commitment to sustainability. Incorporating V-form balusters crafted from rope that includes recycled European PET bottles, we’re pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly innovation. This unique feature underscores our dedication to reducing environmental impact, while providing a stylish, durable solution for any space.