Schoonderwoerd, Bilthoven [NL]

EeStairs + TKI / Pieter Laureys Interieur Design

This staircase in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, is unusual because of its corner position. This meant that the the stairs’ sculptural helical twist had to be very tight, yet remain structurally strong and stable. The concept design was by TK Interiors, and EeStairs in-house structural engineer worked with our co-founder and creative director Cornelis van Vlastuin to develop the final detailed design.

We adjusted the originally proposed plan of the stairs, rotating the helix by half a turn, which achieved two things: the top of the stairs meets the upper landing in a way that allows the inner balustrade to splay outwards in plan; and the outer balustrade aligns perfectly parallel to the wall below the half-landing in the staircase.

The visual drama of these stairs is heightened by the ‘antique’ bronze finish our craftsmen gave to the 15mm steel plate balustrades and the EeSoffit™. As always, this combination delivers sharp, seamless edges and surfaces that accentuate the geometric accuracy of the helical form. EeStairs also made and installed the walnut treads, risers, lower landing steps, and the two-layer toughened glass balustrade along the upper landing.

Photography Hans Morren

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