Stedin, Goes [NL]

EeStairs + COARE Architectuur

When Coare Architectuur was appointed to design the renovation of the offices of Stedin, a major Dutch power grid operator, they realised that the staircase in one of the main circulation areas could inject a sense of drama to this big internal volume.

Their key design idea, in a town surrounded by the sea, was suitably contextual. Could the stairs’ metal balustrade resemble a fishing net? Coare supplied a concept sketch to EeStairs, who then worked closely with the architects to produce a final detailed design, fabricate the staircase, and then install it.

The balustrade’s ‘netting’ was given a suitably wave-form rhythm. The laser-cut steel elements were geometrically precise – and satisfied demanding structural requirements. EeStairs also ensured that the boldly contrasting teak stair treads were made with FSC-certified wood.

Photography Hans Morren

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