The Bank, Amsterdam [NL]

EeStairs + Cushman & Wakefield

When you walk into the reception area of this office in Amsterdam, the key design motif, circles, is obvious in the lighting and the helical staircase made by EeStairs. There’s also a satisfying interplay between the wooden wall, the ceiling sections and the stairs’ oak treads and risers.

Precise surfaces and edges were important to our client, Cushman & Wakefield, and particularly in the staircase, which is the most eye-catching object in the space. We developed the detailed design and the aesthetic outcome is, we believe, outstanding. The staircase was taken to the site in four sections by our installers, then reassembled without any flaws in the surfaces or geometry.

Notice how the illuminated gap between the edges of the stairs and the balustrades is a constant width, emphasising the graphic contrast with the curves. And, as always, the EeSoffit by EeStairs® guarantees perfect geometry, smoothness and edges where it joins the balustrades.

Photography Hans Morren

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