The Accelerator, Utrecht [NL]

EeStairs + cepezed

Genmab is a listed, international biotech company that develops therapeutic antibodies to treat cancer. Due to the company’s strong growth, Genmab Nederland needed new premises.

cepezed and cepezedinterieur were responsible for the design and paid considerable attention to the design elements, in keeping with the company’s Scandinavian origins.

Our design for the new Genmab had several ambitions: to give the company greater visibility, increase interaction between employees and encourage collaboration with external partners. The building was also intended to become a showpiece to attract top researchers.

The result is a striking, cleanly styled and detailed building. It is located directly on the main access road to the Utrecht Science Park.

Surrounding the atrium on the first floor are functions such as a coffee bar and an open kitchen with front cooking. In the office bays, meeting spots are situated along the atrium; most fixed workspaces are located along the façades. The upper three storeys accommodate both offices and laboratories. Their greater height makes their arrangement flexible: offices can become labs and vice versa.

Photography Hans Morren

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