House in the Park, Ontario [CA]

EeStairs + Superkul Architects

In Toronto, two magnificent staircases are literally pivotal to the new interiors of an Edwardian period house, whose redesign was led by Superkül Architects, supported by Pencil Design. One of the new staircases replaces the original century-old grand staircase, the other separately connects the basement and top floor levels.

The architecture of both stairs, designed using parametric software, is beautifully sinuous and sculptural, and the precision of their parametric forms are is clearly matched by the geometric accuracy of the EeStairs technicians and craftsmen who made and installed the stairs.

Another critically important accuracy concerned the blue steel balustrades of the stairs that rise through all levels: we ensured that the colour and shape ‘chimed’ with the blue brush-strokes in the dining room mural by Tisha Myles. The new grand staircase has treads and inner balustrades of oak, and the white steel of the outer balustrades flows seamlessly along the curved wall panels into a balcony-front and doorway – another demonstration of our precise fabrication and installation skills.

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